My Day in Jamaica, New York

I went to Jamaica yesterday. No, not the Caribbean country, but the neighborhood in Queens. I spent over an hour on the subway to reach it from Manhattan, but it was worth it. The main draw for me to go to Queens was for the US Open. From Jamaica, I made my way over to Flushing to take in the tennis championship. While waiting to take my seat for the matches, I sipped on a Grey Goose Honey Deuce, picked up some food at a Food Village and wandered the Court of Champions. When it was time for the match, I watched intently as my favorite players took the court. After a lot of fast-paced action, a winner was declared. I went back to Jamaica to get some dinner at The Door. Its Caribbean-influenced menu includes dishes such as Jerk Chicken and fried plantains. My favorite entrée was the spiced beef patties. All of the food that I ordered was presented well, and service was fast. I quickly found that I felt full after eating only about half of the food, so I took the rest with me for later. On the way back to Manhattan, I took the Long Island Railroad for a change of pace. What a day!

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